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Founded in 2003, RECAT Technologies Inc., is a University of Western Ontario [UWO] affiliated spin-off, specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative Reactor Engineering and Catalytic [RECAT] Technologies. RECAT's founder and president Dr. Hugo de Lasa, [ profile ] is a distinguished researcher and engineer whose contributions to the field of chemical engineering have gained him international recognition.

Dr. de Lasa is founder of the Chemical Reactor Engineering Center a research center specializing in pollution prevention and pollution control research. CREC has conducted business with over 40 companies and governmental organizations, located throughout some 20 countries around the world. Dr. de Lasa is also co-founder and editor of the newly created International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering

Dr. de Lasa holds numerous patents including the CREC-Riser Simulator for development of next generation catalysts and environmentally-friendly gasolines, CREC-Optiprobes for novel chemical reactor development, the Pseudoadiabatic Catalytic Reactor for friendly fuels and more recently the Photo-CREC Reactor for elimination of pollutants in air and water.



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