• The CREC Riser Simulator is a patented catalytic reactor unit that mimics the operating conditions of riser and downer reactors in terms of temperature, reactant partial pressure, catalyst/reactant ratio and gas and solid contact times.
  • As a follow up to the 2019 USA patent, RECAT is offering an updated CREC Riser Simulator Mark II Unit.

CREC Riser Simulator Mark-II


  • The new CREC Riser Simulator Mark II unit achieves fluidization at much lower rpms: 4500 instead of 5500rpm.
  • Evidence of the enhanced performance of the CREC Riser Simulator Mark II can be offered to prospective customers in a video sequence, taken in a Plexiglas demonstration unit. Since the new mixing system requires a lower turbine velocity, it considerably reduces the wear of the impeller cones, extending the efficient operation of the CREC Riser Simulator, with less required maintenance.
  • The  improved mixing system of the CREC Riser Simulator Mark II is incorporated into the new manufactured units. For the organizations which already own a CREC Riser Simulator, RECAT offers the new key components of the Mark II, as spare parts.